Pit Bull

Quick Cannabinoid Profile | Average and Maximum Mass by Plant Weight

Pit Bull Qualities and Characteristics

Mental Aid
Depression, Mood disorder, PTSD, Anxiety disorder
Physical Aid
Pain relief, Neuropathy, Migraines, Sleep disorder, Cachexia, Appetite stimulant, Glaucoma, Nausea, Headache, HIV/AIDS, Multiple sclerosis, Cramps
Blue, Hawaiian
Hybrid indica dominant
Type of High
Euphoric, Calm, Uplifting, Relaxing
Earthy, Fruity, Skunky, Tropical
Fruity, Skunky, Tropical
Side Effects
Drowsiness, Lethargic, Forgetfulness

Born and bred in Oregon by Mike Mullins of Stoney Girl Gardens, Pit Bull rose to fame when Ed Rosenthal featured the strain in his “Big Book of Buds: Volume 4." Acclimated to the Pacific Northwest, Pit Bull is easy to grow indoor or out and rewards its growers with heavy yields of extremely potent medicine. While the aroma and flavor are difficult to describe, fruity, earthy, and tropical are a good start. The list of potential medical applications for Pit Bull is long so just try some for whatever ails you.

Cannabinoid Profile | Average and Maximum Mass by Plant Weight

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  • Indoor flowering time: 35-42 days

From the breeder: 35-42 days flowering time. Yield is about 3-6 oz indoor, up to 10 lbs outdoor. Mature Height: 3-6 feet indoor, 10-15 feet outdoor. Plant buds throw long bright pom-pom like hairs. Performs well in any environment, Indoors and Out, Soil and Hydro. Regardless of the technique used, Pit Bull is a sure winner. We have tested this not only using different growing mediums, but also different methods such as SOG, SCROG, and Hydro’s with great success in all areas. The Pit Bull is mite resistant, easy to clone and easy to grow. It is very vigorous and grows fast. It is very durable and bread for a fast finish for the early Oregon rainy season. This strain is acclimated for the Northwest. Grows into a giant sphere, a bushy ball of buds. Extremely fast and caked with crystals. Pit Bull jumps right into action with open blooms that are covered with crystals within the first 2 weeks. The buds are round, large, thick balls of oozing crystals. Pit bull is aggressive right off the bat. She begins bushing and throwing leaves in the first 2 weeks of life. There is no reason to shape or top the plant as it has perfect form every time. From the beginning, the plant emits a strong odor of Pit. The plant is easy to clone, easy to grow, mite resistant and very forgiving. Pit Bull can grow that tall fir tree or spread it out over 12 feet of cage in a SCROG on top of a bench. Pit Bull is also very forgiving. Pit Bull is very hearty and will produce outstanding medicine even with the most adverse conditions. She is ideal for beginners and the Connoisseurs will treasure her. This is a Must Have for any garden.


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After winning first place at the OMCA, I decided to do a round of breeding with Sugarplum. I put it on the P-91 because I detested the flavor of the Hog’s Breath, but it was the most powerful medicine I was producing. The goal was to get something strong that tasted pleasant, and Pit Bull was a much bigger success than I ever anticipated. It has circled the globe and is grown in India, Thailand, Amsterdam and Pakistan.


Additional Information

The Pit Bull’s hardiness and instinct for survival make it an ideal strain for the beginner to grow, but the qualities will satisfy more elite tastes and impress on special occasions. The buzz is a heavy hitter that won’t be a top choice for the occasional recreational user, but is well suited for medicinal use or for experienced tokers. There is a body blissfulness and a heady intense mental component that can feel a bit like a gong has been rung inside the brain. Pit Bull is thoughtful and trippy, if a bit distracted at its height. The taste and smell profiles are complex and maintain flavors throughout, including a fresh grapefruit citrus with honey, hash, and a pungent sweet tropical bass.