Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze Qualities and Characteristics

Mental Aid
Anxiety disorder, Depression, Stress
Physical Aid
Appetite stimulant, Nausea, Pain relief
Skunk, Haze
Hybrid sativa dominant
Type of High
Alert, Creative, Energizing, Euphoric, Motivational, Psychedelic, Relaxing, Uplifting
Light green
Citrus, Lemon, Skunky, Sweet
Citrus, Lemon, Skunky, Sweet
Side Effects
Dry mouth, Dry eyes

A bit of variation exists regarding the genetics of Lemon Haze, but it is most often noted as a cross between Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze. The Lemon Skunk heritage is evident in the freshly peeled lemon scent. This is a long-lasting, sativa-dominant strain marked by strong cerebral stimulation and mood elevation. The high provides an alert, creative, and uplifting boost to counter anxiety, depression, and stress. A relaxing but energizing body high follows and Lemon Haze’s stimulating effects make this a good daytime strain. Keep in mind the brain-stimulating Haze influence, however, and avoid before bedtime.

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  • Indoor flowering time: 56-63 days - Royal Queen Seeds
  • Indoor yield: 425-475 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 450-500 g/plant
  • Harvest time: (Outdoor/Greenhouse) Mid October

Lemon Haze cannabis seeds generally flower within eight to nine weeks depending on how they're grown and how well they're cared for. With outdoor growing, you can usually expect to harvest the buds during the middle of October. Yields are typically in the neighborhood of 425 to 475 grams per square meter, or upwards of 150 grams per plant, when grown indoors. When the strain is grown outdoors, it generally produces 450 to 500 grams per plant, but is reportedly capable of yielding 1,000 grams per plant with optimal care. Each plant reaches between 80 and 140 centimeters indoors, and 130 to 170 centimeters when grown outdoors.


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Additional Information

Stemming from two sweet-tasting, sativa-dominant strains, the Lemon Haze strain is popular for both its strong lemon scent and its ability to make patients feel happy, euphoric, and uplifted. Lemon Haze = Lemon Skunk x Silver Haze. Digging a layer deeper, you will find that the Lemon Skunk found in Lemon Haze is a cross hatch between two Skunk plants with phenotypes chosen specifically for their zesty lemon characteristics. This explains where the lemon-peel stench comes from. With a Lemon mother, which has been kept in Vegas for over 20 years, and a father hand-picked by DNA Genetics in Holland, you know you are getting one heavy hitting cannabis strain.


The Lemon Haze marijuana strain has an intense citrus smell that absolutely fits the name it was given. The taste of Lemon Haze is exactly how one would expect it to be – like tasting a fresh peeled lemon. The color of Lemon Haze is very light, almost yellow. The Lemon Haze strain’s THC level has consistently measured at about 15-20%. The Lemon Haze marijuana strain is great for relieving stress, reducing pain, increasing appetite, reducing depression and reducing nausea.


Lemon Haze is a widely acclaimed marijuana strain that is sativa dominant. Popular for its characteristic fragrance, strong effects and good yield, this strain is sure to become one of your biggest cannabis seeds favorites of all time.