Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies Qualities and Characteristics

Mental Aid
ADD/ADHD, Anxiety disorder, Bipolar disorder, Depression, PTSD, Stress
Physical Aid
Appetite stimulant, Inflammation, Migraines, Multiple sclerosis, Nausea, Pain relief, Parkinson’s disease, Sleep disorder
Afghani/Kush, Chemdawg
Hybrid indica dominant
Type of High
Creative, Euphoric, Relaxing, Uplifting, Focused
Earthy, Mint, Sweet
Earthy, Mint, Pine, Sweet
Side Effects
Dizziness, Dry eyes, Dry mouth, Headache, Paranoia, Anxiety

Thin Mints is not a unique strain in its own right but rather a sought-after phenotype of the hugely popular Girl Scout Cookies hybrid. In recent years, GSC, along with its various phenotypes including Thin Mints and Platinum, has taken the cannabis scene by storm and Thin Mints even earned a spot in High Times’ 2014 list of the strongest strains on Earth. Medical users appreciate this strain for alleviating the symptoms of a long list of ailments but novices should keep in mind that High Times award when initially giving Thin Mints a try.

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  • Indoor flowering time: 63-70 days
  • Harvest time: (Outdoor/Greenhouse) Mid October

Look for a 9 to 10 week flower when you grow Girl Scout Cookies - which by the way is available in clone-only form directly from The Hemp Center in San Francisco. The yield from these ladies can be as much as 2 ounces per plant when grown indoors, and she’ll thrive when in a hydroponics environment. Suitable for a Sea of Green garden but much preferring room to branch out, most gardeners find GSC to be a highly versatile and lively strain that has shown a significant resistance to most diseases and pests. Growing Environment: indoor/outdoor. Garden Skills: intermediate. Flowering Time 9-10 weeks. Yield: moderate to heavy.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain produces plants of medium height with robust branches covered in bright green leaves. The buds are dense and display coatings of silver crystals and sticky resin. In cooler conditions, the plants can take on a purple colour. THC level has been measured in the lab at 19.3 percent. Indoors, Girl Scout Cookies grows well in hydro and although you can use the SOG growing method the plants should be allowed to stretch a little to optimise the harvest. The plants have good resistance to mildew and pests and flowering time is nine to 10 weeks. You can expect to harvest around 60 grams per plant. Outdoors, this strain needs lots of warm sunshine to thrive so you’ll need to grow it somewhere with a Mediterranean climate. Harvest in the northern hemisphere is in mid-October.

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The Cookie Family says they never give away their genetics, and don’t enter their products into Cannabis Cups. So how do Cookies end up in our Cups? “Fortune cookies… it’s when people buy a bag of Girl Scout Cookies, open up a bud, and there’s a seed inside it. It’s an inside joke.” Says Flux from the Cookie Fam. So where do real Cookies come from? First they crossed F1 (a mystery strain, the Cookie Fam’s “secret sauce”) and Durban Poison, stabilized it, then crossed that with a coveted cut of Kush that eventually became known as OG Kush.

Additional Information

In cannabis culture, we now picture a sweet, earthy tasting, beautiful, yet powerful flower (named after the delicate cookies themselves), Girl Scout Cookies. This is a bud dense with sparkling trichomes… long, thick orange hairs crawling out from between the cracks and hues of purples… greens and yellows popping out at every new angle. Every little bud packs a complex terpene, or taste and smell profile that can be experienced over and over again with each preparation. However, because there have been many phenotypes, or variations of the original strain (starting with the forum cut, to two other very popular strains of GSC - Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies - and newer Grand Daddy Purp cuts, named Candyland and Phantom Cookies), these flavor profiles and physical attributes are tweaked with each hybridization or breeding.

Nearly every California medical cannabis patient has heard about the Girl Scout Cookies strain. It has been a huge hit with cannabis connoisseurs since it hit the scene a few years ago. A great deal of the Girl Scout Cookies strains popularity is due to a mix of solid genetics, controversy, and pop culture promotion. It was frequently rapped about in songs by Berner, a Bay Area collective owner and rapper that you may have seen recently in YouTube videos with popular rap icon, Wiz Khalifa. The Girl Scout Cookies strain is relatively new to the market and it has not yet truly been stabilized. As a result, there a number of phenotypes floating around, including Platinum Cookies, the Forum Cut, and Thin Mints to name a few. The popularity of the Girl Scout Cookies strain and its various phenotypes has resulted in a great deal of confusion about two things: 1) Which phenotype is considered the “real” or “original” Girl Scout Cookies? and 2) What is the Girl Scout Cookie strain’s true genetic make-up (or parents)?

Neither overly stimulating nor sedative, this strain could be used during the daytime or at night. Creative, energetic, and euphoric combined with an appropriately well-balanced body high. Stock up on the snacks, you will need them!