Tangie Qualities and Characteristics

Mental Aid
Anxiety disorder, Depression, Stress
Physical Aid
Appetite stimulant, Fatigue, Migraines
Hybrid sativa dominant
Type of High
Cerebral, Clear, Creative, Energizing, Uplifting
Bright green
Cheese, Citrus, Fuel, Skunky, Tangerine
Cheese, Citrus, Fuel, Skunky, Tangerine
Side Effects
Anxiety, Dry eyes, Dry mouth, Headache, Paranoia

The original Tangerine Dream that was popular in California in the mid-90s seemed to disappear from the scene, yet another casualty of prohibition. Luckily, however, thanks to Crockett Family Farms and DNA Genetics, a special phenotype of Tangerine Dream has come out of hiding and is now known as Tangie. As you might expect from the name, its flavor and scent are dominated by citrus and tangerines. The high is creative, energizing, and uplifting lessening anxiety, depression, and stress while alleviating migraines and stimulating appetite. Tangie can get you going in the morning and be used throughout the day.

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  • Indoor flowering time: 63-70 days

She grows nice and tall, has a good yield and easily will become your favourite!. She will continue vertical growth until the 5th week so be aware of your space. The Tangie produce very resinous flowers with an unbelievable aroma of citrus, tangerines!! Also she produces some of the best tasting concentrates on earth! Winning every contest she has been entered in 10 out of 10 contests in 8 months!!! Growing the Tangie outside is a must as she finishes late September early October with heavy yields and super sticky flowers. Tangie is also good to SCROG,SOG, she reacts well to topping or the FIM technique as this will produce more of a bush. For best tasting results grow the Tangie in soil.


The Tangie strain is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Although not too difficult to grow, is it recommended to have at least a few grows under your belt before attempting this strain. If Tangie is grown indoors, it takes a couple weeks longer than most commercial growers like (9-10 weeks), but the above average yield make the extra time worth it. The strain likes to grow tall, so using the Topping technique works well when space is limited.


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According to Don from DNA Genetics, Tangie used to be around Los Angeles in the ’90s, only under a different name: Tangerine Dream. Seriously. It was lost, as many of the best strains were during strict prohibition, until he got a call from his buddy Sergio letting him know the Dream had resurfaced. After giving it to another master of his craft, Crockett, for selection (picking the best of the best from a veritable sea of plants) they wound up with the sativa I’m puffing on today.


Bred by Reserva Privada and the DNA Army, the Tangie strain of cannabis is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It was the result of crossing California Orange with a hybrid of the Skunk #1 strain and was created as early 1995. However, the team at DNA Genetics kept the Tangie behind closed doors for a number of years before a cultivator named Crockett presented them with a phenotype that blew them away.


Additional Information

DNA has done it again! Just when you thought it was only KUSH and Kush crosses DNA brings, The Tangie (aka Tangerine Dream from 1995). She has been around for many years now, but for many more she was hidden, until our good friend Crockett pulled her out of his closet to present us with it! The Genetics are Cali-o X Skunk hybrid then selected to what we have now the Tangie.


The Tangie strain is one the most highly sought after strains in the cannabis community right now. It was originally created as a salute to the beloved Tangerine Dream strain that rose to popularity in the mid 1990s.


The Tangie strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid (70% sativa, 30% indica) that is the result of crossing California Orange (Cali O) with a second parent that is a bit more mysterious and harder to pin down. Most likely it was a Skunk #1 crossed with an unknown, or some say ‘top secret’ hybrid. This carefully crafted lineage has led to an increased citrus aroma and flavor, a larger yield, and picture perfect resin production—all resulting in a much sought after strain.


The Tangie craze has been blowing up with breeders across the country after taking over America’s first legal cannabis cup in Denver – back on 4.20.2013. Tangie – AKA – DNA’s Cali-o x Skunk Hybrid…is not to be confused with “the Tange.” While the Tangie strain has a flavor that is reminiscent of cherry AK, with a hint of citrus overtones…the Tangie resides firmly on the citrus side of the flavor spectrum. Basic Info: A Sativa dominant hybrid – approximate 70% Sativa / 30% Indica split, the Tangie produces exceedingly sticky and resinous Buds with an incredible full-bodied tangerine aroma. Noteworthy for producing some of the better tasting concentrates – winning trophy after trophy for best flower, best hash, and best extract in many of the recent cannabis cup events.


Awards    5


2nd Spannabis Champions Cup (Indoor/Bio Cup), 3rd High Times SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup (Best Sativa)


1st Cannabis Cup Amsterdam (Sativa Cup)


3rd High Times Medical Cannabis Cup San Francisco (Sativa Cup), 1st High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Denver (Medical Sativa Cup)