Cherry Pie

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Cherry Pie Qualities and Characteristics

Mental Aid
ADD/ADHD, Anxiety disorder, Bipolar disorder, Depression, PTSD, Stress
Physical Aid
Appetite stimulant, Fatigue, Headache, Nausea, Pain relief, Sleep disorder
Afghani/Kush, Landrace sativa cultivar
Hybrid indica dominant
Type of High
Creative, Euphoric, Relaxing, Social, Uplifting
Berry, Cherry, Earthy, Pepper, Pine, Sweet, Wood
Berry, Cherry, Earthy, Pepper, Pine, Sweet, Wood
Side Effects
Dizziness, Dry eyes, Dry mouth, Headache, Paranoia

Cherry Pie is believed to hail from two highly-touted parents, Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. An indica-dominant strain without the heavy indica side effects, Cherry Pie’s moderate strength manages stress, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. The smoke offers a subtle burnt cherry flavor while the high is expansive and fast-acting with full-bodied effects. An afternoon choice for medicating, sometimes with a let-down after 2-3 hours - an effect of its indica dominance.

Cannabinoid Profile | Average and Maximum Mass by Plant Weight

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  • Indoor flowering time: 56-63 days
  • Indoor yield: 400-450 g/m2
  • Harvest time: (Outdoor/Greenhouse) Late October

Indica dominant. Origins: Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison. Flowering: 8–9 weeks. Harvest: late October.

Cherry Pie plants grow to a medium height with palmate leaves that are a mid-green colour. The dense, sticky buds are light green with purple tips and a covering of orange hairs. THC content ranges from 16 to 18 percent. Indoors, Cherry Pie marijuana is equally happy to be grown in hydro or soil and it will benefit from a carefully controlled supply of nutrients. Flowering time is eight to nine weeks and yields are between 400 and 450 grams per square metre. Outdoors, this strain requires a climate at least as warm as the Mediterranean to thrive. Harvest in the northern hemisphere comes in late October.

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Additional Information

The Cherry Pie strain has a mouth watering name and its other most attractive quality is its genetic heritage – a cross between two highly respected strains, Durban Poison and Grand Daddy Purple. Just to clear up any confusion, Cherry Pie also goes under the names Cherry Kush and Cherry Kush Pie. Cherry Pie weed has a smell reminiscent of hash and pine forests and the flavor includes notes of fruit and spice. The high combines a pleasurable cerebral rush with a strong physical stone, although not so strong that you’ll be overwhelmed, making it good for day and night use. Medically, Cherry Pie can help with insomnia, poor appetite and stress.

The aroma of Cherry Pie is most similar to cherry, wood, and pepper spice. With a distinct cherry taste on the exhale, the smoke is extremely smooth, but will hit you like an iron fist. Completely smothered in resin, the trichome count seems to multiply when breaking open these STICKY buds. The Cherry Pie strain is known predominantly for its ability to manage stress and anxiety while providing pain relief for patients. This strain is perfect for patients looking for a strong Indica-dominant hybrid that is both potent and super tasty. The smoke from the Cherry Pie is highly expansive and fast-acting, leaving a lasting impression for all who medicate with it. Depending on how potent the specific batch, patients may experience a bit of a crash after 2-3 hours from the heavier Indica strains in its’ genetics. Typically though, Cherry Pie is not considered to be that heavy of strain. It’s much more of a tranquil body melt that noticeably starts with the warming of your inner core. Cherry Pie is popular among patients looking for a strain that provides a significant amount of medicine to both the mind and body in the afternoons.

Look: Nice chunky dense nugs covered in trichomes and orange hairs. Because it is a GDP cross, this strain has little patches of purple here and there. The first time I saw this strain I was very impressed with it’s bag appeal. Smell: Cherry Pie smells like a bakery, just think baked goods with cherry and a hint of sourness. The GDP comes through in this cross, with it’s sweet floral smell shining through. Taste: Tastes a lot like it smells, sweet on the inhale, then the sour earthy kush flavor from the OG Kush comes through on the exhale. Effects: Although Cherry Pie is an Indica dominant strain, it isn’t too heavy and you can still function and get things done. I’m a big fan of Hybrids strains and this has a good mixture of both head and body, leaning a little more towards body. It is very calming, yet it doesn’t knock you out.

The precise balance of the Red Eyed And Ready cut of Cherry Pie is a unique cross of a true South African Durban Poison and the legendary Granddaddy Purps. This treasure offers purple, sweet, spicy and sublime medication. The Pie gained popularity by taking honors of parenting the sought after Girl Scout Cookie clone, imparting the purple characteristic. The excitement of the Girl Scout Cookie in many ways overshadowed the pure brilliance of its parent, leaving a very special cut that may have been overlooked. The bag appeal on Cherry Pie is simply put, off the charts. Plump, purple flowers sheen a sandy exposure,complimented nicely by the bright orange hairs that abound each calyx. This medication is a purple lover's dream and that's before cracking the jar. Wafting sweet cherry and currant/marion berry aromas pound the nose instantly which gently gives way to the relaxing scent of what I imagine freshly baked gingerbread cookies to smell like. The smoke offers a smooth, mildly expansive, citrus-sweet inhale that calmly tickles the very bottom of my lungs before rushing out on a bed of spiced vanilla sugar with a lingering dark berry, danky aftertaste.

Awards    2


3rd High Times Cannabis Cup Denver (Medical Sativa Cup), 1st The Clinic Awards Medical Cup (Best Sativa)