Querkle Qualities and Characteristics

Mental Aid
Anxiety disorder, Depression, Stress
Physical Aid
Anorexia, HIV/AIDS, Appetite stimulant, Arthritis, Glaucoma, Headache, Migraines, Nausea, Pain relief, Sleep disorder, Spasticity
Type of High
Appetite-stimulating, Calm, Creative, Euphoric, Focused, Sedating, Slow-onset
Berry, Earthy, Fruity, Grape
Berry, Earthy, Fruity, Grape
Side Effects
Anxiety, Dizziness, Dry eyes, Dry mouth, Paranoia

With a focus on maintaining the strong grape flavor of Purple Urkle while hastening its long harvest time, TGA Subcool Genetics released Querkle, an indica-dominant cross which used Space Queen (or in this case, “Space Dude”) as the father. Querkle offers an all-around balanced high with effects that come on slowly soothing the body and slightly stimulating the mind. It's really the flavor and scent of sweet, fresh berries and grapes that make this one stand out. Querkle is great for sleep disorders and is recommended for nighttime use, though experienced users may find that it’s not too strong to medicate earlier in the day.

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  • Indoor flowering time: 56 days

Height: short and dense, does well untopped but faster than Urkle. Yield: medium to heavy if extended veg time is given, mainly due to bud density. Indoor/Outdoor: indoor has only been tested. Best way to grow: vegged to a large bush or untopped in SCROG. Harvest: 8 weeks.


Average flowering time is 8 weeks. If you grow the Querkle strain using the SCROG method, you will get a better yield.


Flowering for about eight weeks this strain can reportedly produce up to a quarter pound per plant. The minds at Subcool recommend using the “untopped SCROG method” or “vegging” the plants into a large bush.


Querkle has wide leathery leaves and a typical short, thick indica profile. It thrives indoors and outdoors in climates that have good weather until late October. These moderate feeding plants have almost no stretch, so they can be vegetated longer in order to gain size. Even though they stay compact, Querkle’s internodes are tight. Breeder Subcool recommends topping them early. It is also a good idea to thin out the fan leaves to allow light to reach the lower branches. Once topped, Querkle plants form large three-headed bushes with bottom stems as big around as your thumb. When given sufficient vegetative time, topped, and grown in soil, plants consistently yield 4 ounces each. A sea of green method can also be used. Clones that are budded at 12 inches, produce about 3/4 ounce (21g) per bud site. These plants also do very well when untopped and grown in a screen of green style. Beginners and advanced growers all seem to enjoy growing Querkle. Fans of color will be thrilled by this plant’s transformation as it flowers. The undersides of the fan leaves turn the rich reds of burgundy wine midway through flowering. As they reach maturity, the leaves and stems become dark purple, and the entire plant takes on a purplish-silvery black shading. Buds are dense and heavy with a purple tint.


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After our relocation out west, I was able to find an amazing-tasting Urkel female that also turns an amazing color, though nothing like the neon purple of the Black Russian. The Urkel was, however, much better pot, and the strain we created with it, Querkle, is an amazing indica with purple traits and a great grape flavor. Subcool, owner TGA Seeds.


Additional Information

This Indica dominant hybrid has a great taste and out of 5 plants tested run 4 females turned a nice shade of purple with warm temps throughout. Our goal was to recreate a nice grape flavor but add some speed to the slow Urkle mom and the results are better than we expected and finding 2 keeper moms from the very small test run we did. Results from the field verify mild variation, good yields and fantastic flavor and colors. This hybrid has been featured in both Skunk and High Times magazine.


The name “Querkle” is a clever twist on this indica-dominant strain’s heritage. The mother strain is the Purple Urkle, a memorable Pacific Northwest strain that is easily recognized for her super short stature, slow growth pattern, and amazing transformation in late flowering to a lavender goddess reeking of grapes and purple goodness. In a linguistic mash up of the parentage, Querkle takes its “Q” from the male Space Queen used in this breeding line. Space Queen is one of Subcool’s breeding projects that combines the well-known BC strain, Romulan, and the famed Cindy 99 from the Brothers Grimm. The breeding male of Space Queen, nicknamed “Space Dude”, is good for adding speed and stretch to most crosses.


Querkle is an Indica dominant strain that was created by the people at TGA Subcool Seeds in an attempt ”to recreate a nice grape flavor but add some speed to the slow Urkle mom” in terms of growing. The results were ideal. Today, the Querkle strain features a scent of both grapes and berries and a strong fruity taste. It flowers fairly swiftly at 8 weeks and produces a medium to high yield with denser than average buds.