Alien Dawg

Alien Dawg Qualities and Characteristics

Mental Aid
Anxiety disorder, Depression, Stress, PMS
Physical Aid
Migraines, Pain relief, Arthritis, PMS, Spasticity, Sleep disorder, Nausea, Fatigue
Afghani/Kush, Chemdawg
Hybrid indica dominant
Type of High
Uplifting, Creative, Sedating, Euphoric, Social, Relaxing
Light green
Fuel, Pine, Sweet
Berry, Floral, Fuel, Sour, Sweet
Side Effects
Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Paranoia, Dizziness

Alien Dawg by Cali Connection is one of several popular crosses of Alien Technology, a landrace indica smuggled out of Afghanistan by a U.S. soldier. This one combines Alien Tech with Chemdawg resulting in a relaxing and potent hybrid useful for a wide range of conditions. While many experience Alien Dawg as social and creative, others find great value in its ability to deliver a restful night’s sleep. Look for hints of fuel in the flavor and scent which is a telltale sign of its Chemdawg heritage.

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  • Indoor flowering time: 56 days

Alien Dawg marijuana strain is a very adaptable weed with a slight diesel odor, This particular weed is comfortable in both an indoor and outdoor grow setting. It is an easy to cultivate weed even for beginner growers. The weed may grow to a more than average height that is ideal for even confined spaces. So if you’re doing a guerrilla grow (gorilla grow to some), be sure you have some headroom. The weed is quite tough and is not easily infected by common sicknesses. Alien Dawg marijuana is not the usual fast flowering marijuana strain. Flowering time with this weed could be around 8 weeks or earlier depending on the care it is given. The flowers of this particular weed strain have a strong floral and citrus smell. The buds of Alien Dawg weed are thick and light green with the center bud larger than the others. The buds have orange hairs and perhaps the most trichome crystals generously topping the buds and extending to its leaves. The buds have a much delayed slight bitterness otherwise no taste at all.

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"Alien Technology", impossible to find in pure form these days, is a pure Indica from Afghanistan. The story with all the "Alien" strains, is that they originated from the Alien Tech, which was from a US soldier who brought seeds back from his service tour. AT is the parent strain behind Alien Formaggio (rare), Alien Invasion (common), and this one, Alien Dog.

Additional Information

The Alien Dog is a terrific indica based strain, stemming from one of the most popular strains making its way across the country (Alien Technology). We recommend using small samples of this for medicating, as the more you ingest the larger the head/mind effects become and it seems to detract from the brilliance of the body medication. On the other hand, seasoned patients may enjoy the diversity the strain offers and choose to go “all in” for both mind and body exuberation.

A potent strain known for leaving newbie smokers floored, Alien Dawg is better suited for the hard-core patients. This particular strain works well for this stressed-out masses, as it produces an elevated mindset which leaves you feeling serene and composed… Yet enhanced with a creative edge. For those insomniacs in the group, Alien Dawg is a perfect bedtime smoke. Ripping a hit approximately an hour before bedtime is beneficial for those seeking sound, restful sleep. A perfect holistic medicine for alleviating anxiety, while providing a meditative platform to help ease the day’s stressful activities.