Big Tooth

Big Tooth Qualities and Characteristics

Mental Aid
Depression, Stress
Physical Aid
Appetite stimulant
Afghani/Kush, Hawaiian
Hybrid indica dominant
Type of High
Appetite-stimulating, Energizing, Giggly, Lethargic, Narcotic, Relaxing
Dark green
Floral, Rose, Spicy, Wood
Chemical, Pepper, Spicy
Side Effects
Dry mouth, Dry eyes

Big Tooth, the feminized version of Sweet Tooth offered by Strain Hunters Seed Bank (Green House Seeds), is a vigorous and productive indica dominant variety. This offspring of three strains - an Afghani indica, a Hawaiian sativa, and a Nepalese hash variety - is complex in flavor and taste as well as effect. Chemical, floral, spicy, and wood are a few of the descriptors that come to mind. The short duration high comes on quickly and peaks fast, alternating between giggly and energetic to lethargic and narcotic. The irregular effects create an unpredictable experience. Big Tooth has been reported to be helpful in stimulating appetite and lessening depression.

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  • Indoor flowering time: 56-70 days - Green House Seeds
  • Indoor yield: Up to 900 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: Up to 1000 g/plant

Good resistance to pests. The Big Tooth grows fast and very vigorous. It has a very good resistance to mould and cold temperatures. It is a very bushy plant with medium sized internodes and tends to branch out very well if the size of 
the root system allows it. The leaves are large with long leaflets, non-overlapping.
 The buds grow irregular, pear-shaped, often fox-tailing. Calyxes are round, small, covered in resin. 
Flowering Indoors: 8-9 weeks. Yield: up to 900 gr/m2 (with 1000W HPS). Flowering Outdoors: 9-10 weeks. Outdoor Yield: up to 1000 grams per plant depending on the final size.

Big Tooth weed is a bushy plant. It is worth stepping up a pot size here as the plant will produce much better if her roots are given plenty of room. SCROG systems work well, as does any form of training. Even if you leave her alone, as long as she has space to fill out, Big Tooth weed will reward you handsomely. Pest and mold resistance are good and Big Tooth marijuana is a great candidate for outdoor grow ops. The buds on Big Tooth cannabis are pear shaped and grow in large colas, often stretching out into foxtail formations. Calyxes are small and round and the whole plant is thick with resin. Trim leaves on Big Tooth weed will produce some fine hashish, so don’t just throw them away!

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Additional Information

The smell is very penetrating, complex. Very spicy, with a chemical side. Reminds of chili peppers and hot spices. The taste is woody, spicy, herbal, with a hint of rose and blossoms.The effect starts on the indica side with a fast onset, then evolves into a mind-altering giggly high. Intense, complex, very balanced between body and mind. Irregular waves of energy and couch-lock can alternate, creating a very unpredictable kind of high. Medicinally used for appetite stimulation and as an antidepressant.

Big Tooth cannabis is a very vigorous cannabis strain from Strain Hunters at Green House Seeds. It is a mix of some of the finest Himalayan indicas with a bit of Hawaiian sativa thrown in for good measure. The resulting strain is a medium sized plant that delivers great yields when grown well.