Plushberry Qualities and Characteristics

Mental Aid
Anxiety disorder, Depression, Mood disorder, Stress, PTSD
Physical Aid
Cramps, Headache, Inflammation, Pain relief, Sleep disorder
Type of High
Appetite-stimulating, Calm, Creative, Euphoric, Giggly, Relaxing, Tingly
Berry, Blackberry, Fruity, Raspberry
Berry, Blackberry, Cherry, Fruity, Raspberry
Side Effects
Dry mouth, Dry eyes

Subcool of TGA Genetics developed Plushberry with the goal of knocking the terpene profile out of the park. Many would say he succeeded and Plushberry, which was originally called Pink Lady, is gaining popularity with those who appreciate her sweet and delicious berry flavor and aroma. There are two phenotypes available, one of which produces flowers that develop a pink hue upon ripening. This phenotype is considerably more rare as it produces a smaller yield, but is preferred for its superior terpene profile. While it is known that Subcool created Plushberry by crossing the clone-only Black Cherry Soda with Space Queen, both Black Cherry Soda and one of Space Queen’s parents, Romulan, are of unknown genetics, making Plushberry itself somewhat of a mystery.

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  • Indoor flowering time: 55-65 days

Two phenotypes are currently possible for this plant; one being an ultra rare “pink” phenotype that does not yield much, but has an amazing taste. The other is a more Indica dominant pheno and is the heavy yielder out of the two. Effects to expect are pain relief, relaxation, and a strong calming sensation.

Height: very tall when grown untopped from seed. Clones topped tend to stay shorter. Yield: medium-yielding plant with lots of resin-encrusted sugar leaf for hash making. Best Way to Grow: top and train into a bush. Harvest Window: 55-65 days. Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse.

Subcool recommends topping these ladies, in order to get them to branch out and become bushier, as a means of increasing yield. There are two phenotypes with this one. One is a shorter, but lanky variety that has long, thin leaves and produces buds that are pink in color. This variety is a lower yielder, but tends to have greater potency and flavor. The second phenotype will get larger and bushier in stature, but will produce more weight, with slightly decreased flavors and potency. Both phenos are eight or nine-week flowering strains and will do best when cultivated in soil.

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Plush Berry is a fairly new release from TGA Subcool and is their first strain in the "Kush" family. Plush has a fruity/dark berry scent with thick resin covered leaves, great for making hash. While this strain has a unique trait of Pink/Magenta Calyx this was not the motivating factor is the selection process, from the start it was all about taste and smell. The "Black Cherry Soda" carried a strong Black Berry smell and taste and our goal with this new Kush Hybrid was to use this terpine profile combined with Space Queen to increase potency and resin content. Tested under the name Pink Lady this new kush hybrid called Plush Berry has a very strong Blackberry smell and heavy resin coating. The colouring trait is present in high numbers and adds to the overall bag appeal of the strain but it’s the smell and taste that is truly unique. Plushberry was first called "Pink Lady" before it's release.

Additional Information

Plush Berry is the Indica dominant result of a cross between Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen by the breeders over at TGA Subcool. This is a relatively new strain to hit the medical marijuana scene, and it has already made a name for itself. The buds produced by this strain are heavily coated with resin, so much so that this strain is a favorite for hash extractions.

While this strain has some of the best bag appeal around, Subcool bred it with the intention of having the best aroma and flavors around. He certainly exceeded expectations in all of those categories and then some. The flavors are of sweet blackberries and Life Savers candy, with delicate aromas of blackberry jam. This is one for the gods, with regards to flavor and aroma. The potency is top-notch as well, although with such great flavors, it's hard to comprehend that the potency can be equally good.