Panama Red

Panama Red Qualities and Characteristics

Mental Aid
Stress, Depression, Anxiety disorder
Physical Aid
Fatigue, Pain relief, Nausea, Inflammation, Anorexia, Cachexia
Landrace sativa cultivar
Type of High
Cerebral, Relaxing, Social, Psychedelic, Euphoric, Creative, Energizing
Light green
Berry, Fruity, Sweet
Berry, Fruity, Sweet
Side Effects
Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Headache, Anxiety, Paranoia

Cannabis smokers from the 60s and 70s will surely remember Panama Red and have a few related stories to tell. One of the first strains to have “brand recognition," Panama Red is a pure sativa cultivated landrace from Panama, as the name suggests. It's likely that if you find some on the dispensary shelf today it will no longer be the pure sativa it once was but will have a little indica bred into the mix in order to shorten the flowering time. Not to worry, it’s definitely worth a try anyway. Expect a sweet, fruity old school taste and an energizing, social, and creative high. Great for hanging out with friends and talking about the old days.

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  • Indoor flowering time: 77-91 days

Panama Red grows to average height and can get pretty lanky at times. She’ll also stretch a bit during the initial few weeks of flowering. Most who grow this strain - although not many do anymore - are rewarded with a fairly decent yield of some flavorful, old-school cannabis. Since you are very unlikely to find clones, seeds or even buds of Panama Red in a dispensary, you’re best bet if you do wish to get your hands on some is to get some seeds from the breeder, which are only available in non-feminized form.

REEFERMAN SEEDS: Location: indoor or outdoor. Type: mostly sativa. Flowering: ~81 days.

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Whenever aging stoners gather around a burning bush and discuss the legendary strains of yore, it's a sure bet that the mighty Panama Red will be mentioned. Along with Acapulco Gold, Panama Red was one of the first cannabis "brand names" that caught the imagination of the American public, becoming a, well, "hit" nationwide. While hippies in the late 1960s thought that Panama Red was so strong because of the rainforest climate in which it was grown, we know today that its legendary potency was due to genetics -- and thank Jah, those genetics have been preserved for modern smokers to enjoy, despite the fact that the culture of cannabis in Panama was mostly blown away during the cocaine-fueled 1980s. Panama Red, commonly produced in the sparsely populated Pearl Islands just off the Panamanian coast, is known for producing a strong, speedy, intense psychedelic high -- in other words, it's a prototypical sativa strain.

Additional Information

While it's not too likely that you're going to see Panama Red in a dispensary, it's likely that you've tried it if you were a smoker in the 1960's to early '90s. While it's not the most potent strain around anymore, it's definitely had it's day and likely brings back many fond memories for those who have tried it.

The Panama Red strain is an old school pure Sativa from the Panama region that was extremely popular between 1960 to the early 90′s. Since then, the genetics have died off slowly as most growers have switched to other Sativa strains that have faster grow cycles (to have more profitable grows). Panama Red’s flowering time is roughly 11-13 weeks which is longer than the most other popular Sativa strains. Panama Red is known to create a mellow head-high that is very relaxing and slightly psychedelic. Considered by many as the laughing gas of the 70′s, this Sativa is sure to bring a smile to all who medicate with it. Growers should realize patients prefer all types of medication — especially throwbacks that have sentimental value. Not to mention the extremely smooth smoke session Panama Red provides your taste buds. It’s a shame this medical marijuana strain isn’t as ubiquitous as it once was but it makes sense why it growers choose strains that perform better and grow faster. Panama Red seems to be one of those strains that if you want to get your hands on a bunch of it, you need to find some good seeds, take your time, and grow it yourself.

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3rd High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Seattle (Sativa Cup)