212 Headband

212 Headband Qualities and Characteristics

Mental Aid
Physical Aid
Appetite stimulant, Fatigue
Afghani/Kush, Chemdawg
Type of High
Active, Cerebral, Euphoric, Appetite-stimulating
Dark green, Green
Citrus, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine, Cherry, Vanilla, Hash, Marshmallow
Citrus, Fuel
Side Effects
Distraction, Forgetfulness

The 212 Headband is a cross of Uptown Grow Lab’s flagship strain, Monkey Boy Kush, and a Chemdawg mother. Easy to grow with respectable yields. The dried flowers have a sharp citrus tang backed up by fuel notes which are present in the taste of the smoked plant as well. The onset is fast and intense, like the city of the strain’s origin. You can fall down cerebral rabbit holes for brief moments in the hour after consumption but the taste is what makes this strain. The intensity of effect diminishes after an hour or so and takes on a relaxed high.

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  • Indoor flowering time: 56-70 days- Uptown Grow Lab

As noted in our remarks on the Monkey Boy Kush, Uptowngrowlab believe in giving their plants (whether clone or seed origin) a longer time in veg and the 212 Headband is no different. Additionally, the 212 Headband is able to be sexed before inducing flowering with the longer vegetative time. Yields are respectable: in an Aeroflo system they yielded 20-30 grams and in deep water culture no less than two ounces per plant. The 212 typically is ready for harvest between 8-10 weeks (56-70 days) of her starting to flower/cottonball. She can be trained easily -- she is fast and lean but with large fan leaves showing her indica lineage.


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This strain was initially bred by Uptowngrowlab and is the result of a cross between a Monkey Boy Kush father (OGK x Chemdawg) and a Chemdawg mother.


Additional Information

A flavor bomb with the smell/taste synchronicity that so many consumers love. If you crush one of her flowers at a party, all eyes and noses will be on YOU! Lets your mind take you on a free flowing thought journey.