Double Dutch

Double Dutch Qualities and Characteristics

Mental Aid
Stress, ADD/ADHD
Physical Aid
Pain relief, Anorexia, Cachexia, Sleep disorder
Skunk, Northern Lights, Afghani/Kush
Hybrid indica dominant
Type of High
Relaxing, Sleepy, Appetite-stimulating, Euphoric
Light green
Fruity, Spicy, Herbal
Fruity, Mint, Spicy, Herbal
Side Effects
Dry mouth, Dry eyes

Double Dutch, originally developed by Magus Genetics, is known for its unique fruity wildflower aroma and a cerebral buzz accompanied by pleasantly lazy body relaxation. Double Dutch’s mother was a pre-2000 Chronic which passed along the large yields really appreciated by growers. The father was Magus Genetics’ foundational strain Warlock. The result is a multiple award winning hybrid that has taken prizes in both indoor and outdoor categories. Double Dutch seeds are now available from Serious Seeds.

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  • Indoor flowering time: 55-65 days - Serious Seeds
  • Indoor yield: 500+ g/m2
  • Harvest time: (Outdoor/Greenhouse) Late October

During the vegetative growth, Double Dutch shows its Indica side with its wide leaves, heavy stem and a bushy growth pattern. During the flowering stage Double Dutch produces giant Sativa-like buds, like its mother the Chronic. All tips of the plant that receive sufficient light will form huge dense buds similar to elongated popcorn balls. Double Dutch side-branches must be staked due to their extraordinary heavy weight. This variety performs well in bio, coco and hydro mediums.

Bred for indoor gardens, Double Dutch performs well in bio, coco and hydro growth mediums, but hydro is recommended if yield is the main objective. Large gardens allow multi-branching, but staking is necessary due to Double Dutch’s willowy branches and weighty flowers. However, when a relatively small number of plants are grown, the growth pattern tends to be shorter and much less lateral. Therefore, sea of green is possible with a smaller garden, but is still not the most productive setup.

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Double Dutch mixes mixes the genetics of the Warlock male with a pre-2000 Chronic female, two popular native Dutch varieties. The Warlock – Magus Genetics’ foundation strain – is a branchy plant with a pleasurable scent. Chronic, a strain developed by Serious Seeds in the 1990s, forms massive colas.

Additional Information

Double Dutch was originally developed by Gerrit from Magus Genetics in the first decade of the twenty first century. Double Dutch is a stable cross between a Warlock male and a pre-2000 Chronic female. The Double Dutch aroma is similar to a pleasant fruity wildflower scent. The effect while smoking is complex and strong; the cerebral high and pleasant bodily effect presented this plant with several awards. In combination with its huge yield this strain is a must try for all Serious growers.

Most taste buds will appreciate the pleasant fruity wildflower flavor that is also apparent in the scent. The buzz is complex and strong with both cerebral and bodily components. It starts in the mind, and slowly flows down the torso into a more body-centered buzz that is lazy, but not sleepy. This buzz allows one to drift in its sensation for 2-4 hours depending on tolerance level.

Awards    4


2nd Highlife Hemp Fair (Hydro Cup), 1st IC-Mag 420 Grower's Cup (Indica Grower Cup), 2nd IC-Mag 420 Grower's Cup (Indica Breeder Cup)


3rd Highlife Hemp Fair (Outdoor Cup)